The City Rings



Day 1 of the project The city rings.  We recorded and evaluated sounds.  Afterwards we listened to the intro of a movie “Delicatessen” (Jean-Pierre Jeunet).

These are our iSounds

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  1. Class P7, Portlethen Says:

    We just listened to the Ghent 2 sounds and we think we heard the following:
    Someone blowing through a bottle
    Someone shaking maraccas
    Someone tearing paper
    Someone typing on a keyboard
    Someone flicking through pages
    A welder

    We enjoyed listening to your sounds, did we get them right?

    We thought your sounds were interesting and we would like to hear more! Your sounds were different to what we hear here.Most of our sounds were from outdoors and around our school.

  2. Bram Bosteels ( Aifoon ) Says:

    Hi There !

    Quick introduction : My name is Bram Bosteels and I also work for Aifoon
    I take care there of the educational & artistic part.
    Together with Stijn , I’m doing the City Ringsworkshops .
    Great you liked our sounds ! Stay tuned to hear more …
    Your ISounds definetely make us curious to hear more

    All our sounds were indeed recorded inside
    ( using rather small objects that each student brought from home ) ,
    You all have great ears cause what you’ve heard was indeed :
    -blowing through a bottle
    -something tearing paper
    – someone typing on a keyboard
    – velcro
    -someone flicking through pages

    Aha , only the maracas weren’t real maracas .But probably you heard that aswell
    Oh but the welder wasn’t correct . Although great guess !
    We are really curious which sound exactly you thought was a welder ?
    Lack of imagination won’t be problem there in Portlethen , that’s obvious.

    Good luck , hear you soon !

    Bram & the Wispelberg students

  3. Júlia, Julen, Elena and Irene Says:

    Hello!!! We are the Catalan students from Oriol Martorell, and we think that your sounds are very original, and we liked to use them.

    There was a wide range of sounds: some of them were really rhythmic, we especially liked the coconut sound.

    We have listened to the composition you made with our sounds, and we like the mixture. It’s nice, and the contrasts are interesting.

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