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End of Day 1…


We had a great day making different sounds with different objects. We really enjoyed using the new equipment and look forward to continuing to use it. We enjoyed experimenting with our iSounds. Here are some photos from the day…

It was quite hard to think of our iSounds because we had to choose something that was associated with us but we were limited to objects we could find within our school. It was good to listen back to all the sounds afterwards. We learnt what other people like to listen to.

We talked about how you can hear sounds but not notice them. You can ‘zone them out’.

So, here are our iSounds, recorded today…

Tomorrow, when we go out recording, we are going to be more careful with handling the equipment, especially the microphones. We’re also going to make sure we don’t hit the microphone on the object we are recording.

Get back to us soon with lots of comments! Looking forward to tomorrow…

10 Responses to “End of Day 1…”

  1. susan moultrie Says:

    sounds really interesting , hope the weather is good and everyone has fun

  2. doug main Says:

    I liked the idea of recording sounds and then getting others to try to work out what they are.

    It makes you think about the sounds that are all about us the we ignore or drown out.

    The concept is good as it allows kids from different countries to speak to each other.

  3. Aileen Lawrie Says:

    It looks like the children are enjoying themselves and learning at the same time. Can’t wait to hear the “Sounds” hopefully the sun will shine for you tomorrow.

  4. Cameron Jarvie(p.7) Says:

    Hi! I think wehave really good sounds. Im enjoying the Sonic Postcards.
    I really can’t wait for tomorrow. I hope it rains for the walk!

  5. Andrew Wilkinson Says:

    ‘Sounds’ like an interesting project & I’m sure the pupils will have fun finding different sounds that are around us every day.

  6. Gillian Steel Says:

    A really great idea. We don’t stop and listen enough to the sounds around us. Hope the sun shines tomorrow.

  7. Miss Munro Says:

    Wow what a day we had yesterday! I really enjoyed learning how to use an I-River. I thought your ideas for sounds were very creative. Lets keep our fingers crossed for sunshine today!

  8. Mrs Duncan Says:

    WOW! What a lot of fantastic sounds you have created already! I hope that you are having a lovely day and are able to collect lots from around the community. WELL DONE! I am looking forward to seeing what you do next…

  9. Becca Laurence Says:

    Hello! I work with Jana at Sound and Music. It’s amazing how many sounds you’ve managed to collect from inside your school. They sound fantastic. I’m glad you have written down what they are as I find it hard to tell. The bouncing ball for example sounds a bit like a ticking clock or some kind of mechanical object to me… I look forward to hearing more.

  10. ruben camillas Says:

    i’m very interested in your work…young people get reality and spit it off in poetic forms….waves are gentle and free!!
    have a happylife!


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