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iSounds (1)

First day at Oriol Martorell school. We started presenting the project and the first exercise, iSounds. After that, pupils experimented with their objects trying to obtain different sounds from them. At the end, the students listened to the recordings and selected one sound per object. You can listen to these sounds next.

We emphasised the autonomy of students when recording the sounds. Although that may lead to less quality recordings it gives them a good hands-on experience with the equipment that will be useful at latter stages of the project.

iSounds Spain by Serafin Alvarez

2 Responses to “iSounds (1)”

  1. Bram Bosteels ( Aifoon ) Says:

    Hi There !

    Last Friday we ( Ghent 2 ) started working with the Spanish ISounds.
    First of ll we gave them a very close listen and tried to guess what we actually heard.
    Here are some of our guesses :

    – rolling marble
    – rubbing of sandpaper
    – water drop
    – shaking keys
    – someone digging in earth
    – a wheel of a bicycle with small cards attached to it
    – a bracelet hit softly against a table

    Really interesting sounds , was really hard for us to choose our favourites !
    Afterwards we made a composition with your sounds .
    I’ll upload the composition today , we would love to hear your feedback !
    Good luck !

    Bram & The Wispelbergstudents

  2. Serafin Alvarez Says:


    Thanks for your comment.

    The listening seems not to be as close as you think (hahaha, of course I’m joking) because you get only four of them. However, this is not a bad sign, keep trying!

    The sounds you get and the sounds you tried but failed are here. I’m sorry because I don’t know which sounds are the correct ones:

    – Rolling marble – Well done!
    – Rubbing of sandpaper – (That’s wrong, but I’m not sure what sound you refer to)
    – Water drop – Right!
    – Shaking keys – You get it!
    – Someone digging in earth – (Hummm, I don’t think so…)
    – A wheel of a bicycle with small cards attached to it – I don’t know what sound you think is a wheel, but we didn’t use wheels…
    – A bracelet hit softly against a table – That’s right!

    Some other objects we used are:

    – Glasses case
    – Blowing into a key
    – A shell
    – A watch shaken


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