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Wet Wednesday recording on the beach!


We had a great day today, going to the beach and exploring different sounds. We’re quite lucky that our equipment didn’t break because it was so rainy out on the beach: oh well, that’s Scottish weather! Because the beach is quite far away (about a mile) we are all quite exhausted this afternoon. We walked there and back.

Here are a couple of photos from the beach (there’ll be more in a few days – keep checking…)

We recorded the sounds of the waves lapping: when we listened back, it made us feel quite sleepy.

When we came back from the beach, we visited the station and listened to a train go by. The train went really fast. It took us a while to wait for the train to pass…as we were walking to the station, one went by…but we managed to record the next train! We had someone on watch at the top of the railway bridge to shout when the train was appearing.

Here’s a photo of the whole class, just before we walked to the train station:

6 Responses to “Wet Wednesday recording on the beach!”

  1. Erin Christie Says:

    hi guys please keep me up dated about what your doing, i so want to her the sounds you making 2moz !

    i really hopes it rains 2moz coz i’ll be in the sun and when you read this ill be in the plane !!!!!!!!

  2. Lorraine McDonald Says:


    Think this is a great idea for the kids and they all seem to enjoy it. It gives them a good opportunity to get to grips with all the recording equipment. When they listen back they seem to have different ideas as to how the sounds make them feel different as to how they felt when they heard them the first time round.

  3. naomi tye Says:

    i had lots of fun today,well alll exept from the weather. It was really fun when the train went past becausemy hair went every were. I hope we do lts more exiting things tomorrow.

  4. sean Says:

    it was excellent at the beach cant wait for shool today to do some more!

  5. Alyson Says:

    WOW – what a great project. Despite the rain, it looks like everyone is really enjoying themselves!

  6. Ryan Davidson Says:

    HHi I had a great days reording. and i really enjoyed the i river and would love to have 1 of my own thank you pipa and Jana

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