The City Rings

Day: October 11th, 2010


Session 2 for us , the Ghent2 group is a really small group ( 8 students ) which allows us to work really focussed and concentrated. We first investigated the Spanish sounds . Some sounds were reallyreally beautiful and (almost) impossible to guess ( maybe that’s why they’re so beautiful ?) Afterwards we started brainstorming and working on the composition. The 2 boys almost got blown away by all the ideas the girls had. Auditive Girl Power . The group decided to work with ‘tension’ as a focus. Sounds were chosen , organised , moved , copied , erased and so on with the composition above as a result.

Afterwards the group was really happy with the composition although they din’t think it was really ‘tension’, but more like ‘scary’ or something. According to them ‘tension’ & ‘scary’ is not the same thing. Tension is postponing , waiting for something ( scary ) to happen ( without it’s actually happening ). Their composition is scary because it’s not waiting for something to happen , it’s happening right there !  And who are we to deny that ?

Let us know what you think !