The City Rings



Session 2 for us , the Ghent2 group is a really small group ( 8 students ) which allows us to work really focussed and concentrated. We first investigated the Spanish sounds . Some sounds were reallyreally beautiful and (almost) impossible to guess ( maybe that’s why they’re so beautiful ?) Afterwards we started brainstorming and working on the composition. The 2 boys almost got blown away by all the ideas the girls had. Auditive Girl Power . The group decided to work with ‘tension’ as a focus. Sounds were chosen , organised , moved , copied , erased and so on with the composition above as a result.

Afterwards the group was really happy with the composition although they din’t think it was really ‘tension’, but more like ‘scary’ or something. According to them ‘tension’ & ‘scary’ is not the same thing. Tension is postponing , waiting for something ( scary ) to happen ( without it’s actually happening ). Their composition is scary because it’s not waiting for something to happen , it’s happening right there ! ¬†And who are we to deny that ?

Let us know what you think !

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  1. Emma D. Says:

    wauw, van flatterende foto’s gesproken :p
    wow, speaking of flattering photos :p

  2. Matilda, Juan, Adriano, Mireia & David Says:

    Hi! We are the Catalan school and we really liked your compositions too, but we think that you can do them more lively but we really enjoyed listening to your pretty compositions.
    We like them because the sounds are very contrasted, high, low, loud, soft sounds. We are looking forward to listening to your next compositions and we hope you like ours.

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