The City Rings

Day: October 13th, 2010

iSounds (2)

Second day of The City Rings project in Spain. At the beginning of the workshop we did a listening: We listened to the sounds we recorded last week, the compositions that Belgian students did with those sounds and the sounds they recorded which we were going to use. We also tried to guess the sound source of some of these sounds. Furthermore, the students will write comments on the blog at their English class.

Later, the students were split in small teams and each team made one composition. The results are here. We hope you enjoy them.

*There is one composition missing because the exported file is wrong, I expect we can recover it next week at school.

Grup2 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup3 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup4 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup5 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup6 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup7 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup8 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup9 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup10 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup11 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup12 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup13 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup14 by Serafin Alvarez


The final mixes!


Well here they are – 3 compositions made from sounds around Portlethen and a couple of ‘guest’ sounds from Belgium and Spain! Our computers were playing up a little bit but we still managed to work in 2 small groups and create a sonic postcard using Audacity.

Can you hear the ball being hit against our school fence? Can you hear the leaves – so perfect at this time of year? Can you hear the lego being played with? And of course the sea and rain….

We loved the overall experience and can’t wait to do some more at the end of October – hopefully Denmark will be with us by then! Pippa’s got lots planned for us on the 27th October – including recording some of our sound poems, more listening and discussion, and we’ll be performing our compositions and showing the website to the rest of the school at the end of the day!

Keep listening!

P7 Portlethen Primary School, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Here’s our composition made by the whole group. It’s followed by a screen grab of how the composition looked when we made it using Audacity:

We also divided into two groups and made a couple more compositions. Here they are:


mobi 3

Today we made some exercices on recording sounds and we wrote our personal script about what fascinates us about our city Ghent. During this week we are going to record all the sounds we need for the script and next week we are going to make a composition with it of one minute. Hope you’ll like it!

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