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iSounds (2)

Second day of The City Rings project in Spain. At the beginning of the workshop we did a listening: We listened to the sounds we recorded last week, the compositions that Belgian students did with those sounds and the sounds they recorded which we were going to use. We also tried to guess the sound source of some of these sounds. Furthermore, the students will write comments on the blog at their English class.

Later, the students were split in small teams and each team made one composition. The results are here. We hope you enjoy them.

*There is one composition missing because the exported file is wrong, I expect we can recover it next week at school.

Grup2 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup3 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup4 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup5 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup6 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup7 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup8 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup9 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup10 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup11 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup12 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup13 by Serafin Alvarez

Grup14 by Serafin Alvarez

5 Responses to “iSounds (2)”

  1. Bram Bosteels ( Aifoon ) Says:

    Ahoy Spain !
    Wow , just had a listen .
    Gongratulations : he compositions sound really amazing !
    Interesting to hear how diverse the compositions are ( alltough made from the same soundpool )
    Did you only use our sounds ?
    It’s even hard for us to recognize the original sounds .
    Interesting to hear how the sounds change when put in another context .
    We’ll have a closer listen tomorrow with the people of Ghent 2 and get back to you .
    Hear you soon ,

    the Aifoon team

  2. Serafin Alvarez Says:


    Thanks for your pleasant comment.

    Yes, we only used the sounds from Belgium (both schools).

    I look forward to hearing from you. The Spanish students are commenting your compositions too.



  3. pop of dope Says:

    I just heard the sounds and they are nice, congratulations.
    It where nice sounds, and have you also used other sounds?

    Greetzzzz from Belgium

  4. sell this domain at sedo Says:

    I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!

  5. Serafin Alvarez Says:

    Thanks for your comments.

    The students only worked with the iSounds recorded by the students from Ghent. What happens is that sometimes they manipulated the original sounds to the point they are not recognizable. We asked them not to manipulate so much the soundscapes in the last compositions but I think for this previous exercise it was nice that they experimented in that way.

    All the best,


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