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The final mixes!


Well here they are – 3 compositions made from sounds around Portlethen and a couple of ‘guest’ sounds from Belgium and Spain! Our computers were playing up a little bit but we still managed to work in 2 small groups and create a sonic postcard using Audacity.

Can you hear the ball being hit against our school fence? Can you hear the leaves – so perfect at this time of year? Can you hear the lego being played with? And of course the sea and rain….

We loved the overall experience and can’t wait to do some more at the end of October – hopefully Denmark will be with us by then! Pippa’s got lots planned for us on the 27th October – including recording some of our sound poems, more listening and discussion, and we’ll be performing our compositions and showing the website to the rest of the school at the end of the day!

Keep listening!

P7 Portlethen Primary School, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Here’s our composition made by the whole group. It’s followed by a screen grab of how the composition looked when we made it using Audacity:

We also divided into two groups and made a couple more compositions. Here they are:

3 Responses to “The final mixes!”

  1. Stijn Says:

    Nice work. I really enjoyed your compositions!
    Here are my titles for your soundfiles:
    1 “The departure of the barber boat enjoying the ocean sun”
    2 “Basketball ants in the seagull forest” (last sound reminds me of concret ph of xenakis:
    3 “Hurry hurry! Clean this mess before Eugene comes back with his axe”

    Keep me posted!

  2. Becca Laurence Says:

    Wow. Love it. Particularly like the fast train in the middle of the first piece. It sounds like we are being propelled somewhere very fast!

  3. Portlethen P7 Says:

    Hello Belgium!

    We love the titles that you gave to our compositions. We’d love to know, who is Euguene? Is he a Belgium mythical hero?! The names were fascinating.

    We will keep you posted.

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