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Sound Postcards (1)

This morning we started the last exercise, the soundscape composition.

First of all we listen to our compositions (as the students work in teams they didn’t know what the rest of them have done). Moreover, we had a look at the blog summarizing what each school has been done until now.

Secondly, the students were split in small teams and they made a sort of storyboard (without drawings and scene by scene instead of shot by shot) in which they included what sounds they will record, the distance and position of the sound source relative to the recorder, how the transitions between scenes will be, how long each scene will be, etc. We decided they are going to make sound postcards about their everyday sound life, which will contain soundscapes from their house as well as from the school.

Finally, the students started the recordings. They recorded some sounds at school and they took the recorders home. The next day each team will make one composition so we will have fourteen sound postcards.

We don’t have sounds to post today but here there are some pictures.

3 Responses to “Sound Postcards (1)”

  1. Jana Says:

    It sounds like the project is going well. I was really impressed by the photographs which show how the students are planning out their compositions. It looks very detailed: I’m sure it will make it much easier to compose when they are using the computers…we’re looking forward to listening to the final pieces!
    The pupils in Scotland also drew graphic scores: they are not quite as detailed but were useful when it came to really thinking about which sounds they wanted to include and in which order for their sonic postcards!
    I hope the next session goes well!

  2. Stijn Says:

    I’m also very curious how the students are planning their compositions.
    Nice pictures. I very much recognize the concentrated look in their eyes.

  3. Serafin Alvarez Says:

    Thanks for your comments. It is a pleasure for us to read this nice feedback.

    I thought the students would be a little bored with this activity, but, as Stijn says, they were concentrated on it and they enjoyed thinking up the upcoming recordings and composition.

    We’re looking forward to listening the final pieces too!

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