The City Rings



Denmark: I started in the mid sixties working with sound stories for the Feature Department in national public broadcasting and recording Danish audio culture. We have a good tradition of making sound stories with narration as a public service. Unfortunately over the last 10 years, due to cutbacks. the production of this kind of audio has declined markedly here. My intention is to spark an audio revival in a visual dominated society. Listening to the sounds around us is new to our pupils here in Denmark. They have no experience in working with audio expression, recording, editing and mixing.  There are two schools in the project here in Denmark, one private: The Elsinore Little School – and one public: Hellebaek School. The time allotted was 9 lessons of 45 minutes. There were all the imaginable technical problems, but with high spirits in the two classes, we actually got something done, though many did not finish their sonic postcard. Now there is fall vacation. They  will finish their work at home and we will continue in week 43, so there is more to come.

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