The City Rings


mobi 4

The pupils of mobi, recorded there own sounds and made there own compositions about how they experience their city. Do you notice similarities or differences with your own town?

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  1. WOCK Says:

    I am really enthousiast to see the beautiful picture and film from the project and especially th hear the very strange noises that you all have developped in quite a short time . I’m surprised by the creativity and the inventivity that all you have produced

  2. , Ethel Says:

    Ik vind het fantastisch om te zien op de foto’s en de filmpjes hoe geconcentreed jullie aan het werk zijn ; het laat mij veronderstellen dat geluid ook zeer fascinerend kan zijn om te hanteren . de soundscapes die ik beluister worden met de keer sterker en voller ; Ik wacht met nieuwsgeirigheid af wat jullie er verder nog allemaal gaan mee aanvangen

  3. johanna Says:

    What a beautiful results…. It’s unbelievable how these sounds even seem to have a stronger impact than ‘ images with sounds’. They just make you silent, and pull you with a strong force to the world of your imagination, where you start to see all kinds of things, coming from your memories…
    It’s pure poetry…
    I’m also impressed by the way they have been edited…It happened in a very subtle way… The combination of different sounds is very fascinating, and it’s beautiful how they are growing and growing and fading out…
    I really enjoyed listening to them….

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