The City Rings


Wispelberg 5

Today we did a last excercise about the dynamics of a rather small city. We made a composition, not with the computer, but we recorded it real-time.

4 Responses to “Wispelberg 5”

  1. Jana Says:

    Your film was great: I can’t believe that you managed to record such a perfect soundscape in just one take. I’m wondering how you made the really loud sound – it was like a train going past. I was particularly impressed by how creative you were with using props to create the sound effects you wanted!

  2. Serafin Alvarez Says:

    Amazing work, congratulations.

    I totally agree with Jana, and it isn’t only unbelievable the fluency of the sequence shot (both audio and video) but the students also seem to be enjoying a lot.

    Did you write a scenario or it was improvised?

  3. Els De Carne Says:

    Indeed,for pupils and teacher as well it was a creative and unique experience. For everyone it was a pity that the project came to an end. For all of us we look forward for simular opportunities !

    art teacher

  4. ethel Says:

    Ongelofelijk mooie soundscape met een heldere weergave en mooie filmbeelden ;
    Enthousiasme spreekt uit het filmpje

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