The City Rings

Month: November, 2010

Sound Postcards (3)

Finally, here there are the compositions. I’m sorry for the delay, hope you enjoy them.

Soundpostcardgrup1 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup2 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup3 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup4 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup5 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup6 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup7 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup8 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup9 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup10 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup11 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup12 by Serafin Alvarez

Soundpostcardgrup13 by Serafin Alvarez


More from Scotland…


It’s taken me a little while to upload the last compositions and a few photos from the project at Portlethen Primary School. At the end of October, Pippa went back to visit Class P7 and they did some more excellent work.

The whole group made a composition using the iSounds from Denmark. Have a listen below: I like how the meow sound keeps repeating and but sometime it has an echo or the pitch has changed! What do you like about this composition?

The class had also been working on some poems inspired by the project. Using the iRivers, they recorded a few of these. The descriptions of the sounds and sights of Portlethen show how unique this location is.

Finally, at the end of the day, Class P7 presented an assembly to the rest of the school. They described the project, showed everybody the recording equipment and played some of their compositions. You can see a photo below with one of the pupils holding up an iRiver!


Soundstories from Elsinore

Here are three compositions made by the pupils from Little School in Elsinore. Enjoy!
Soundstories from Elsinore by SoundTales-1