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Hello world! mySounds & soundScapes from Barcelona

Hello world!

Writing from Ramon Berenguer IV, secondary school at Santa Coloma, Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). Excited to participate in this second pilot of TheCityRings :)

We had two workshop sessions already. On the first session we introduced the class to our own organization Sons de Barcelona, but also the other organizations we are collaborating with on TheCityRings project; Sound&Music, UK; and Aifoon, Belgium. Then we explained the goals of the project; and the exercises we were going to be doing during the workshop.

As we had to record our mySounds, from the objects the students brought, and since it is difficult to start thinking on how to get sounds from these objects, we played a couple videos like this one:

Afterwards we were ready to start demonstrating basic notions of sound recording; as mic sensitivity, input gain, clipping, etc. And once they got a grasp of the use of our recorders, they started to record their mySounds:

The second session we started listening to a selection of mySounds from Humphry David, Mobi and Wispelber; and also our own. Then we played a few example sound-compositions as this one by WIM for a Freesound contest:
And then we were ready to use the mySounds to do our own compositions or myScapes, as we like to call them ;) . Here you can see them previewing the sounds.

And here working with them; we used open-source and free software Audacity.

Here you have some of the resulting soundScapes

You can listen to the rest of themclicking here.

Let us know what you think !
See you next week ;)

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  1. Natasha Says:

    The class loved these Soundscapes – particularly the third one!

    We thought we recognised a bottle being hit and a horse galloping – overall we thought you used about 7 sounds and it had a more abstract sense to it than the soundscapes from Mobi.

    We wondered if you had used any of the mySounds from Humphry Davy in your Soundscapes?

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