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Dydh Da from Penzance!

Session 1: Students from Humphry Davy School


Good Day from Humphry Davy School here in Penzance, Cornwall.  Above are most of the students in our group, we are a class of 28.



In Session 1: We had an introduction to the project and did some listening and sound making exercises. We were asked to bring in an object, we then explored how any different sounds we could make with that object, and from those selected one to record for our mySound. Cat then showed us how to use the M-Audio recorders and we recorded our mySounds, which you can listen to on the mySounds page.  Can you guess how we made our sounds?


Last week we had session 2: We were shown how to edit in Audacity. Unfortunately we experienced a few technical problems so unfortunately not all of us managed to finish our Soundscapes. Luckily in session 3 we got a chance to catch up and create some soundscapes – you can listen to the results below!

Ben and Xan made this Soundscape from their own mySounds and Amandu’s mySound from Belgium.

Tom & Jacob made this Soundscape using their own mySounds and the mySound from David & Judith in Barcelona and Segyid in Belgium.


Session 2: Introduction to Audacity


Session 2: Students editing mySounds in Audacity


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