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Barcelona starts it!

Dear readers: here we go again :)


Today we started the first session of the January 2012 exchange workshop at The City Rings project. We, Sons de Barcelona, are working with Santa Anna school, at Barcelona.


After presenting ourselves, and The City Rings project to the pupils of 5th and 6th grade; we did show them images and sounds (particularly school bell sounds) from the belgian schools we’ll be doing the exchange with. Pupils found the differences between bell sounds quite noteworthy and funny. This is an image of Santa Anna school’s bell:




…looking good old bell, don’t you think?


The first exercise of the workshop, as you may know already, ┬áis the “mySounds” exercise. In which pupils are asked to bring an object that is beloved to them, or that represents them in one way or another, and then explore its sonic capabilities. In the 6th grade class we encountered a funny situation in which most pupils decide to bring their first teddy bears and other significant cuddly toys. Here, see:



…later on we all suffered this decision, while trying to extract interesting sounds from oh-so-cute and adorable, but not very sonorous little animals :/


In any case, and with the help of the whole class, we accomplished, more or less, our goals. We did a recording session in which pupils took the portable recorders in their own hands, and one by one produced their best sounds, while the rest of us kept total silence (we can’t say the same of those other pupils on their playground time :D ). I have to say that, while being their first contact with such machines, they were really fast on understanding the mechanics and procedures of recording sounds (One even mentioned he is going to ask for a recorder as a birthday gift! sound-geek proselytism at its best!)




Here you can hear a couple of our mySounds


…and, please, visit the Jan 2012 mySounds pack at Freesound to hear the rest of them!


Hope you are enjoying, come back!

All the best.



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  1. Aaliyah & Ayesha Says:

    I love these sounds Barcelona, you really used your minds to make soundscapes with these. Well done, This Will be packed with Evrusedartion That will be greatly remarkable, Well done!

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