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Ghent take off !


Hi there , things are going well in Belgium : just started a new edition of The CityRings project !
We, Aifoon, are working together with the pupils from De Toverberg and De Wijze Boom, 2 schools with 4th grade pupils.
Because there already was a session in Barcelona, we first listened to the Santa Anna school bell. The pupils immediately noticed the difference from the Santa Anna school bell and the one from their school. Seems like the children in Barcelona don’t hear so well, ‘cause the school bell goes on and on!
You can see the Belgian schoolbells over here :

For our first exercise, we asked the children to close their eyes and listen to their surroundings. We also gave some kids a recorder, which they could use to amplify the sound and listen even better! When they were very quiet, there were much sounds that could be heard : the steps of other teachers in the building, the clock that was ticking, the children that were moving, the birds that were singing, the low hum of traffic in the distance, water that was flowing, children who inhaled,…
Afterwards we discussed silence. We tried to find places where there’s no sound at all, but that turned out to be very difficult, there seems to be sound (almost) everywhere / anytime.
Then we started with the real exercise : the ‘”mySounds”. Everybody brought an object that represented themselves, or made a sound that they loved.
You can listen to some of the sounds here :

Listen to the full mySounds pack here

We discussed their sounds and some other sounds allready recorded. This showed that some sounds can have many associations ; a loud refrigerator also sounds like a lawn mower!
To end the day, we listened carefully to the sound of a movie without showing what was going on. They needed to listen and try to explain what was going on in the movie. This also gave some cool interesting reactions; most pupils thought the sounds came from a haunted house!
It’s nice to see how much imagination the kids have, so expect some more soon !

3 Responses to “Ghent take off !”

  1. classe de 5è Santa Anna Says:

    We’ve chosen the sound number four.It’s long, mysterious and a little bit unpleasant because it’s very strong too. We think that the sound has been performed with a scissors cutting something. Is it right?

  2. classe de 6è Santa Anna Says:

    We’ve enjoyed a lot listening to your sounds. It’s been a very exciting experience and we’d like to share our opinions with you.
    We think that the first sound is short and weak. It’s also low and repetitive because the rythm doesn’t change. It seems like a person breathing. Isn’t it?
    In our opinion, the second sound is long, strong and high-pitched. It’s a very thrilling and mysterious sound. It’s like a horror film!

  3. Aaliyah & Ayesha Says:

    We’ve enjoyed listening to these sounds, I feel they used imagination bringing these sounds, Great Work!

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