The City Rings


Hello from melting Hailuoto


Hailuoto, 26th of April 2012


Hi there, we met today for the first round to realize the City Rings project. We looked at the Sound Of Europe website and we were so proud to have Hailuoto on the map! :)


Then we studied the City Rings website and looked at our entry and that of the other schools so far. Also 2 new audio recorders arrived, we unpacked them and learned quick how to use and start them up. Then we discussed audio recording in general, what to consider. We listened quietly to the room and the noises of school and realized the AC (air conditioning) is very loud and will be on most of the recordings made in the school, we checked the sound of our clothes and how loud all tiny noises can appear on a recording. We worked on awareness of sound.


Then we recorded the sound objects of all the children. We had mostly carry on items and school items, which made us realize we could look more careful at sounds to bring in and maybe we repeat this exercise. But even those little objects created marvelous sounds to work with.


All the sounds we made are quite beautiful and percussive! We immediately thought to compose beats with it.









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