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Finland: composing with all the sounds, EU pencil step !

We had such a blast composing with the sounds you made!



We hooked up 2 laptops one with radial/ max/msp and one with logic and a midi controller and we created sample instruments with all your sounds and played this piece:



Let us know what you think!


We also recorded us shouting things, Finnish words and one: Haha. Then we threw all our sounds and the “haha” in the radial composer and made a crazy mix ! We hope you enjoy ! Its us going mad.



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  1. Natasha Says:

    Wow! We thought the Soundscapes from Finland were crazy! We loved them! Some of the words the class used to describe them were random, crazy, weird, rhythmic, musical. We recognised some of the sounds we had recorded like the saxophone, the violin and the cat clock. Sometimes there were parts where you took away the beat and we thought it had finished but it hadn’t.

    We thought that the second Soundscape was very unusual. We thought it sounded a bit like a train stopping and starting!

    We wondered whether you used all of our sounds in the recordings?

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