The City Rings

Day: May 9th, 2012

London Experimental Sounds

This week we created some very experimental soundscapes using sounds from classrooms all over Europe and then creating compositions in Audacity.



We also had a listen to the sounds from Braga and Hailuoto.


We thought one of the Braga recordings sounded like a gun going off!!!!! The class really enjoyed the composition too, comparing it to the sound of a factory.


We also had fun guessing the sounds from Hailuoto of scissors, pegs, cutting paper…? Were we right?




Sonic Snaps from Hailuoto


We had the City Rings session 3 today, it was fun. First we listened again the mySound section (the cat-clock sound from England was so funny) and then the compositions that the other schools had made and we discussed those compositions. We were so curious how the single sounds were used by other schools! Portuguese kids had made interesting compositions and we liked the both a lot. Then we tried to describe the compositions with different words. Busy, distinctive, strange, modern and “musical-like” were the words that were used by kids. The compositions were so creative, well done you guys!


Antye had showed us before how to use the recorders. In Hailuoto it is often windy like today so the cap for microphones is needed when recording outside. We went to hunt for sounds around the school and recorded them. Then we listened the sounds together. All our recordings weren’t so good: sometimes sounds were too loud, sometimes too silent. We need to learn more about the sensitivity and be more careful when we are recording. For example it is important how close we are to the sound source. Birds were singing like crazy but they were so far away and the recordings turned out to be very silent. Sometimes there are so many unwanted sounds around who disturb the recordings. In Hailuoto they are demolishing our secondary school building and the crashing sounds are everywhere! But those sounds are also really interesting!! Crash, boom, bang!!


You can listen to some of our Sonic Snaps here soon:






Dealing with silence!



Some of the kids have already used the recorders at home and now the new ones got them. We need to concentrate more about the recording so that we get better clips. But it was a fun session overall, we loved to run around with recorders and hunt for different sounds.
So kids got some material for the sonic postcards which is our next week’s exercise. We already discussed about the themes of the sonic postcards (urban Hailuoto and natural Hailuoto) and we are looking forward to do it. Next week we start to compose the postcards with help of Antye! So fun!