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Time for sonic postcards!

The fourth session in Braga was very short, so we decided to do a collective postcard. It tries to give the idea of what a day at our school sounds like. We hope you can feel the different environments as you were here. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Time for sonic postcards!”

  1. Natasha Says:

    5W had lots to say about the Portuguese postcard!

    Zaynep found it ‘quite interesting’.
    Deniz found it very enjoyable and liked the sounds of the school. He thought that at the end they might be saying ‘thank you for listening’ in Portuguese. Was he right?
    Serin thought it sounded intriguing.
    Esther was surprised that it was so loud in a Portuguese school!

    The class thought your postcard was very interesting and they were impressed by the quality of your recordings – they could hear lots of details.

    Some of the sounds made them imagine a big echoey classroom or hall. Was this where they were recorded?

  2. stijn dickel Says:

    Hi everybody! It seems indeed as if Portugal has lots of reverb. Makes me think about a spaghetti western ;-) Thanks for your cooperation!

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