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My Sounds from Ghent


Hello ,
Here we are again for a new edition of the CityRings in Ghent.
As a start we listened to ‘silence’ for a minute. But it turned out there was no silence at all. We heard a lot of sounds around us, especially because there were loud construction works going on in the school. But we also heard very tiny sounds such as the movement of our clothes and dripping of water somewhere we couldn’t locate.

Afterwards we experimented with the sound objects everyone brought from home.
We tried to make as many different sounds as possible with them and we recorded our favourite sounds. You can listen to some of them here :

Then we listened carefully to our sounds and it was crazy to see that we sometimes couldn’t remember how the sound was made.
To end the first session we listened to a movie fragment and we tried to make up our own story of it just by listening. Listening to movies ( without seeing it ) defintely triggers imagination, you should try it too there in France and Spain !
More soon !

3 Responses to “My Sounds from Ghent”

  1. dirk hellebaut Says:

    I think this is a great and interesting project for our children to have a special attention on the citysounds.
    We walk here everyday, but we never pay attention to all these sounds around us.
    The children are very excited to work on this project, especially the recordings with the little recorders and the mixing moments with the laptops.
    Thank for this nice opportunity.
    Dirk Hellebaut
    Teacher 6A Stadspoort Gent

  2. destadspoort Says:

    we think that this project is very nice
    we also liked the sounds of the other schools in France and Spain. we made a compilation of your sounds.
    Have you already listened to our sounds. lots of kisses.

  3. milan Says:

    het was leuk

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