The City Rings


Part 2 : Spain and France Remixed


Hi there,
Today we had our second session : the one where we start building compositions with sounds made in the other countries.
Off course we started listening to the sounds very carefully.
Fascinating how some sounds made us feel very anxious and adhd, while others had a very gentle and restful effect. Even more fascinating that the same sound was frightening for some and funny for others.
We noticed it’s very inspiring that we don’t know the source of the sounds, now we didn’t make them ourselves.
The sound of Melvin f.e reminded us of u heavy storm at sea, we could even hear the crew of the ship falling on the deck.

After the dissection of the French and Spanish sounds, we learned how to combine and organize the indivdual sounds into a composition. We used multitracksoftware and experimented with sequencing and layering of sounds, we also found out how we could copy, cut, paste and balance all the sounds.
Then the real work started : we split up into two groups : one group made a composition out of French sounds, the other made one out of Spanish sounds.
You can listen to our work here, let us know what you think !
Curious to hear your compositions and anxious to start recording new sounds.
Regards from Ghent !


2 Responses to “Part 2 : Spain and France Remixed”

  1. Damien Says:

    The Soundscape with sounds from Barcelona made us think to a secret agent in mission : he crawls at the beginning, then he gets up and he is shot by a gun.

    Or well, an haunted house with inside a door which creaks , the hero (who works in a forge) uses a pistol to defend himself against ghosts.
    The editing with our mySounds (french), reminds us a construction site : where some people use a hammer, a saw (as in the Pinocchio movie when Gepetto builds the marionette).

    The french students

  2. Ja tenim la composició sonora dels nostres sons en el taller THE CITY RINGS | Says:

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