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Session 2 : French Soundscapes

Hello to you in Belgium and Spain,
During the second session , we listened to the sounds from Ghent and Barcelona. We tried to guess the source of the sounds and to reproduce some of them, including the sound by Maurice (B) with a coin, at least that’s what we assumed …


Before starting to create the soundscapes with recordings from the other countries, we chose groups of 2 keywords, and a guideline for audio editing.
Then we reviewed the basics of using Audacity (import an audio file, separate audio track, sliding tracks, generate silence, stereo, etc.). Finally we have worked with pairs on computers to achieve the sound postcards related to our keyword.
If you listen well you will notice that everyone uses the sound of the balloon !
You can listen to our work here, we will be delighted to read your comments !


“Kenavo”! (Breton speaking for “bye”)


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  1. Barcelona 6th grade pupils Says:

    Hi boys and girls from Ghent:

    We’ve listened to yours sounds and tis is what they suggent us:

    It’s like a chase.
    It’s like someone taking a bath.
    We can also explain a story:someone gets up, brushes his teeth and goes to work by motorbike: he is a mechanics.
    It reminds us a woodcutter while cutting wood.
    It’s like turn on the tap and turn it off.
    It’s like a flock.
    It’s like a motorbike.
    In some moments it sounds like a danger.

    We liked all these sounds very much.Congratulations for all of them!

    Hugs from the 6th grade pupils!
    Records des de Barcelona! (catalan goodbye expression)

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