The City Rings


Sonic Postcards from La Binquenais Rennes !

This almost end of the great adventure The City Rings …we had great time !
So back to job. To compose our sonic postcards we used sounds coming from our everyday life like the subway (yes even if we are not that much a big city we have our “metro”) or some we recorded home during the week-end. For instance Seraht borrowed toys to his little brother to record them, or Bahar and Estella have recorded their way back home after school. In addition to this nice sounds we recorded on our own we used those made ​​during school.
Now, we are more familiar with Audacity and we can make the audio postcards that we fancy.
Here is the result of our hard work after two sessions of audio editing. We hope that you will enjoy exploring our sound environment, maybe you will find in Belgium and Spain some similar sounds (metro, bus …?)



3 Responses to “Sonic Postcards from La Binquenais Rennes !”

  1. Milan Says:

    Hi There !
    Gongratulations , i’ve listened to the composition of Melvin and Mardoche. It reminded me of a tribe of Indians somewhere in a jungle, preparing a meal.
    Pretty scary and nice how you play with volume !
    Regards ,
    Milan from Belgium

  2. Flo Says:

    Hi ,
    I listened to Leslia’s and Marine’s composition.
    I like the peacefullness of the piece.
    I imagined a beachcomber who picks up everything that reaches the shore, after awhile he walks towards a fence, passes by an old man who’s reading the newspaper.
    In the distance you can hear an old boat. and then again silence ….
    Nice work !

  3. Classe de 6è Says:

    We’ve listened to your Sonic Postcards and we like them very much. All of them suggest us a lot of stories… For example:
    – a soldier walking through a factory of swords ( of Bryan-Bakasso )
    – On Melvin and Mardoché’s compo we heard a Tsunami and a garbage truck. We also felt surprised and we agreed that there was something cool and dangerous at the same time.
    In general, we found a lot of repetitive and constant sounds, some foreseeable sounds (not in the bad sense), mechanical and electric sounds and what we called “active” sounds, in the sense that they made us think of some kind of activity, like someone breaking things or someone playing a videogame.

    We’ve enjoyed doing this activity and sharing it with you.

    See you soon.

    6th Grade boys and girls from Ausiàs March, Barcelona

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