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Sonic Postcards from Ghent !


Hi there again ,
The 2 previous sessions were pretty intense. We gathered sonic treasures in small basements and large attics, in busy streets and peaceful parks. Each person mixed up his/her favourite sounds and worked on a composition individually. Before we started everyone chose one keyword : a personal emotion that was linked to the city. Listen to our compositions and tell us how you feel !
We’re so curious to hear your work, we’ll get back to you on that friday !

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  1. Classe de 6è Says:

    We’ve listened to your Sonic Postcards and we like them very much. All of them suggest us a lot of stories….

    Dolunay’s compo suggested us the fall of a coin, falling rythmically, or maybe a kid playing with that coin. We also felt like being inside a cuco clock.
    Dönenur, on the other side, made us think of water, a saw, a siren, a plane, an ambulance, a washing machine and all sort of household engines. Some of us felt these sound were funny, and some thought they were dangerous.

    We have really enjoyed working with you guys

    Until the next time!
    from the Ausiàs March students

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