The City Rings

Day: January 14th, 2013

MySounds of Essen

Hello again from the Schillerschule.

Today we had a very exciting day, because we learnt that a school near Barcelona is our partnerschool and they have a basketball field!
But we began the session with showing our objects that we brought from home, we introduced ourselves telling why we choose this object, and what sound it could do. Then we made a little listening exercise to concentrate better on what we hear.
And then everyone from us 22 children recorded with a little help his object and the sound it made.

We learnt that to record objects we have to be very silent in the classroom, and that we have to announce our name and what we record before creating the noise.
We experienced that our own voice and the sound of the object sounds very differently when we record it, just as if we were holding our ear right next to the object.

And while we were recording and talking the time went by so fast we didn’t get to compose our first mysound-composition.
We are all very excited if the partnerschool will find out what we recorded? And what did they record?


MySounds from Rennes (France)

Hello everybody,
Today, we went to the computer room to see on the screen the site of “thecityrings”.
The pupils brought some objects from home others some they found in the classroom. We tried to draw some sounds from them. After that in each group, we recorded the sound trying to avoid to get only drumming sounds. It was nice to listen afteward the recorded sounds as they ‘look’ really different.
Tomorrow, we’ll begin to construct a soundscape with the “mysounds” of German students from Berlin. Looking forward to it !


Listen you !


Monday, January 14th 2013 :
The class was divided into three small groups. One group recorded the sounds of their objects in the room of the gamelan ( a set of instruments from Bali). It was hard to not use it as it sounds really really good!



On this pictures, you can see us during a recording session. We had : spoons, fork, pencil case, scissors,etc.





Now, you can listen the result of the day, enjoy !

Try to find the sources of the sounds and rendez-vous on Freesounds to listen our other “mysounds” !


My Sounds from BMS Berlin


For the first session I introduced the students to the recording device and spoke about the levels for avoiding distortion and we talked about ‘closing miking’ putting the recorder close to things to use the recording device to hear the sounds like you would use a magnify glass to see more details.

After the discussion I ask students to find objects in the classroom that they through they could make an interesting sound with.  The students found pencil sharpers, zips on pencil case, paint squiring out of the tube, chairs to bang, pencils to hit together, water taps to run… while students were at their tables l walked around each table recording each sound (recording each sound at a time, pressing stop and recorded at each table to edit the sounds in the recorder directly)