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My Sounds from BMS Berlin


For the first session I introduced the students to the recording device and spoke about the levels for avoiding distortion and we talked about ‘closing miking’ putting the recorder close to things to use the recording device to hear the sounds like you would use a magnify glass to see more details.

After the discussion I ask students to find objects in the classroom that they through they could make an interesting sound with.  The students found pencil sharpers, zips on pencil case, paint squiring out of the tube, chairs to bang, pencils to hit together, water taps to run… while students were at their tables l walked around each table recording each sound (recording each sound at a time, pressing stop and recorded at each table to edit the sounds in the recorder directly)


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  1. Stijn Dickel Says:

    Congrats, with the very nice sounds you recorded!
    A zipper like a hasty train and a sharpener like eating chips!-)

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