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MySounds of Essen

Hello again from the Schillerschule.

Today we had a very exciting day, because we learnt that a school near Barcelona is our partnerschool and they have a basketball field!
But we began the session with showing our objects that we brought from home, we introduced ourselves telling why we choose this object, and what sound it could do. Then we made a little listening exercise to concentrate better on what we hear.
And then everyone from us 22 children recorded with a little help his object and the sound it made.

We learnt that to record objects we have to be very silent in the classroom, and that we have to announce our name and what we record before creating the noise.
We experienced that our own voice and the sound of the object sounds very differently when we record it, just as if we were holding our ear right next to the object.

And while we were recording and talking the time went by so fast we didn’t get to compose our first mysound-composition.
We are all very excited if the partnerschool will find out what we recorded? And what did they record?

2 Responses to “MySounds of Essen”

  1. CCan Cladellas Says:

    We enjoyed listening to your sounds. Here is what we think about them: We think that they are short, loud, high and repetitive sounds.
    We found that they were annoying, noisy, scary and mysterious.
    They made us feel like we were in a haunted house, at the mechanic’s or in a toy shop. We also felt like we were in a kitchen, at school, in a garage or in a scary movie.
    We hope you enjoy listening to our sounds too. Good job!

  2. Stijn Dickel Says:

    Your sounds make me very happy and light. Thanks!

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