The City Rings

Day: January 15th, 2013

Soundscapes from the snowscape called Ghent!

Hi there!


Today we started our 2nd session with watching some short videos about Foley (Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects which are added in post production to enhance the quality of audio for films, television, etc…). We were all amazed to see that so much things we “hear” coming from the screen are actually finely tailored, handmade sounds. And most of the times it’s all made with very normal objects!


Then we listened to the mySounds from different schools. We thought we recognized a book, a marble rolling over a table, a plastic bottle, and much more. We were surprised to hear that the “cricket object” from our partner school IDES was very similar to a sound we made the day before. Nice!



We ended with the creations of 2 soundscapes with the mySounds from our Parisian friends. We had a lot of fun. The sounds coming from the dog toys were quite popular. When we heard it for the first time the whole class started laughing.



Hear you all on Thursday! We look forward to listening to the soundscapes in the classroom!








A Parisian take on Ghent sounds

Hello all !

Well we had a very busy and productive afternoon. We first of all listened to the sounds from our partner school in Ghent, and had some difficulty in guessing all of them. In the end we voted on what we thought was the most likely sound source. If we heard correctly there were quite a lot kitchen utensils ? We imagined an egg timer ticking the seconds away, copper saucepans lids crashing together like cymbals, a metal tray banged with a soft object that sounded like a wonderful gong, and jam jar lids being pushed in and out. I won’t list what we made of all of the recordings, but we thoroughly enjoyed listening, so thank you.

For everyone in the class it was the first time using Audacity, so we went through the basics ( importing sounds, sequencing, editing) and just about managed to create three short soundscapes in the time we had left.

Each group heard something different in the sounds.

This first group imagined their composition as a fairytale set in a cave – kitchen.  A new take on Cinderella ?



The second group heard environmental, pastoral  sounds in the recordings. Inspired by this they created a walk in a forest where they stumble upon a woodcutter doing some carpentry.



The third group thought there was a lot of activity and movement in the recordings. They imagined cogs turning, springs bouncing and machines spinning into action all by themselves. Hear for yourselves :



We will not have a session tomorrow, it being Wednesday, and that means no school in France, so we will listen to our partner schools creations on Thursday. Happy recording.


Mysounds from Paris

Hello from Paris where Winter has arrived.

We started our session by listening to all the bells and thinking about the descriptions of the schools. The general thought was that our bell ( Henriette )seemed the loudest and oldest.. whilst many of the others sounded more ‘electronic’ and impersonal.  This was not intended to be a competition !

Unfortunately the person who was taking photos of our session has technical problems with her camera, so sorry, no photos today.

Each pupil revealed their object to the rest of the class. It was also a  chance for the pupils to listen through their ears and through the headphones, what difference does this make ? We re-familiarised ourselves with recording techniques and tried to make several different sounds with the same object, and not only tap with our hands. For instance one pupil breathed deeply in and out of a plastic bottle, another shook her whole body which ‘rung’ her many gold bracelets, someone else dropped a small tin on the floor.   Some objects were more personal than others.

Here are some examples :


The ‘cricket’ is an interesting object. It is a signalling device used by French soldiers in the Second World War. What could be a modern day sonic signalling device?

And lastly our class composition, entitled ‘Symphonie de Bruits Quotidiens’ ( Symphonie of Everyday Sounds) – we are French you know !


Looking forward to hearing your work. A demain.


their sounds ; Palau Solità i Plegamans (Barcelona)

And so we started January’s 2013 edition of TCR :)


First of all I want to say this school, Can Cladellas, is at our hometown! both Laura and I, Jaume grew up in this town called Palau Solità i Plegamans. This makes the whole situation a bit more special for us.


And we started by presenting the project to the participants, in particular the pictures and bell-sounds of the other schools. The bell sound is always a very interesting way to perceive differences and similarities between schools, their locations, history and way of doing.


Since we did not have a lot of time we went straight into checking our objects -beloved objects that the participants were asked to bring from home- and here you can see an example of the variety, a horse named “xocolata” (catalan for chocolate) and a fork that was engraved with the name of its owner, right when she was born.



We started the sonic exploration of our objects collectively as an attempt to help each other go further the hit/scratch basic sounds that we usually come up when we confront the sonic exploration of an object for the first time.




Then we moved to individual exploration of the object, where each participant was asked to come up with at least 5 or 6 sounds (our strategy to, again, attempt for them to avoice hit/scratch sounds… this works sometimes ). And then we went onto recording the sounds one by one.


Listen to some of them below and to the rest visiting our January 2013 Mysounds pack at Freesound, also below. Thanks for stopping by!




Fresh mySounds from Ghent, Belgium

Hello everyone!


We had such a great time today! After checking out the ‘thecityrings’ website we did a listening exercise. Half of the class would listen to the sonic environment with their “normal” ears and the other half listened with the headphones on (and the headphones connected to the recorders, of course). Some of us thought they heard a horse walking by, while others heard the breathing of their neighbour and the sound of clothes moving . At one point we opened the door to get some more sound into the room, but except for a lot of ice-cold air we didn’t get much new from that, except for the squeaking sound made by the hinges of the door.



Then we recorded our sounds. A lot of very different sounds were made, some of them really loud (at some point everyone had their fingers in their ears, that was a funny sight!), others extremely quiet and intimate. We listened to our recordings and talked about the feelings and visions we got while the sounds were playing. After that we did the samewith some prerecorded sounds. That was when our fantasy really ran wild! Someone even thought she heard a zombie biting someone in the leg! Oh, and most of our listening was done with eyes closed, there is just so much more you can hear all the sudden.



You can listen to some of our sounds at the bottom of our post here. The rest you can find in the freesound pack called ‘mySounds_jan2013′. We are looking forward to listening to the sounds of our partner school tomorrow! Did they record similar sounds? Or will it be totally different?