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Mysounds from Paris

Hello from Paris where Winter has arrived.

We started our session by listening to all the bells and thinking about the descriptions of the schools. The general thought was that our bell ( Henriette )seemed the loudest and oldest.. whilst many of the others sounded more ‘electronic’ and impersonal.  This was not intended to be a competition !

Unfortunately the person who was taking photos of our session has technical problems with her camera, so sorry, no photos today.

Each pupil revealed their object to the rest of the class. It was also a  chance for the pupils to listen through their ears and through the headphones, what difference does this make ? We re-familiarised ourselves with recording techniques and tried to make several different sounds with the same object, and not only tap with our hands. For instance one pupil breathed deeply in and out of a plastic bottle, another shook her whole body which ‘rung’ her many gold bracelets, someone else dropped a small tin on the floor.   Some objects were more personal than others.

Here are some examples :


The ‘cricket’ is an interesting object. It is a signalling device used by French soldiers in the Second World War. What could be a modern day sonic signalling device?

And lastly our class composition, entitled ‘Symphonie de Bruits Quotidiens’ ( Symphonie of Everyday Sounds) – we are French you know !


Looking forward to hearing your work. A demain.

2 Responses to “Mysounds from Paris”

  1. Delphine Vandenbossche Says:

    Bonjour Paris!
    We really enjoyed listening to the sounds you’ve created!! So nice to exchange.
    Greetings from Ghent! :-)

  2. Stijn Dickel Says:

    Sounds like little pigs building their house. Very nice sounds, congratulations!

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