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Our first little soundscape

today we made our first soundscape with three of the object sounds of our spanish partner, but first we did a little listening exercises and characterized sounds by colour, emotions, the ways of producing and material. We found it easier to talk about the colours of the sounds than emotions.

And we guessed what the sources of the spanish sounds were. We thought about motor blocks and motorbikes (but then again we thought that it would have been very difficult to get a motor block into the school ;-). We found kitchen mixer, ducks, sandpaper, horses, saws but then again we thought about saws made of plastic and metal?

And when we saw the picture of the fork and the pencil holder, we recognized the neon yellow sound we heard in object 3.

Then we learnt how to use audacity, how to import, edit and level the sound. We even reversed a sound. And then we played all three sounds together and found that we would have to decrease the level on two tracks to hear the third.

That was our result as a first soundscape:

We would have worked longer on this, but time was already up.
We added today some photos from monday on the mysounds post, see us hard working on the recordings.

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  1. Stijn Dickel Says:

    What a proud face on that picture! The composition sounds like someone who puts his clothes on in a hurry… Very nice

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