The City Rings


Sonic Snaps from Rennes in the snow !



Friday, we first listened to the Berliner soundscapes, and we are delighted to hear that German are made from our mysounds ! We tried to recognize all the sounds that we recorded.
Then we went into introducing the recorders once again, and we separated the classe in 7 groups to record sounds in the school (classroom, corridors, playground…). The playground was snow, we were able to record the sound of footsteps in the snow and snowball fights! We took benefit before it disappears. Today, we have no snow in Rennes unlike Paris! What luck !




We had instructions to record the sounds:
– Record environnemental sounds
– Record a moving object with the recorder in a fixed position
– Record a stationary object with the recorder motion
– Record a close sound (“zoom in” on a sound)
– Record a far away sound, distant





Here is a selection of audio recordings made at school by each group:


When we finihed the session, we got the recorders at home. We gave the recorders to the leaders of each group because we have only 13 recorder and we are 30 students in this class !


Here is a selection of audio recordings made at home by each group:

You can hear the others sonicsnaps recorded by each group on Freesound !

Today, we listened to some recordings at home, we recognized the sounds of a centrifuge, a plastic ball, a hammer … and even the subway!

We were separated into groups and we started our audio editing on Audacity, from the sounds made ​​at home and in school. Friday, you can listen to our audio postcards, we look forward to hearing yours !

See you soon !

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