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The Postcards (Can Cladellas, Barcelona)

Today we finished the Postcard. We had started yesterday, as we dedicate two sessions to this exercise. The first session we asked the participants to listen to their sounds, do a selection, rename them and clean them of any talking or other unwanted sound. The second session has been more focused on the composition of the postcard itself.



They started the composition based on one or two keywords that define how they experience their daily environments. This is one of The City Rings suggested methodology, and we adopted it. Once they have those words, they are to represent them, using the sounds (sonic snaps ) recorded at home and school the previous days. And so, the final composition (the postcard) is a sonic representation of their subjective daily experience.



For their compositions, the participants used, along their intuition, some of the tools and strategies we suggested during the Soundscapes session: multilayering, the envelope tool, track gain, intensity curves, repetition, silence, etc.


Technically, they did not have any problem handling Audacity, except for some of its limitations, as the difficulty to split a sound in two or more separated fragments, and keep then on the same track. Also the limited screen size  of the tiny laptops, makes it difficult to see quickly all the tracks in use , instead of having to scroll up and down for it.


In any case the dedication of the class to their compositions surprised us! they even missed voluntarily some time of their morning pause in order to be able to finish it the way they wanted. We really appreciated that!



Please , listen below to some of their compositions, and do not forget to visit our pack at Freesound for the rest of them 

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  1. Karolin Says:

    Hello to you,

    we heard your postcards today in class and it was so funny and suprising and we got so many pictures in our head.

    The first sounded like a horse with keys that goes under his shower :-)
    The second is like an airplane that first departs then the motor breaks and it falls down and there where steps, perhaps spectators?
    We liked very much the dogs and the laughter on the third one, and then it was like they were playing football with the dog.
    On the forth the dog battled with the bird, someone even heard a cat and they fought all together.

    We liked all of it very much…

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