The City Rings


SonicPostcards from Rennes

Hi all,


Tuesday, January 22 :
Here we come to the end of the session of the city rings !

Before returning to realizing our audio editing, we’re reading the post of berliner students. After listening to each sound, we try to guess how and with what they were made. Sometimes there were many ideas for one sound! Eg, the sound “water pump” was the sound of a tap for some pupils, was the noise of a toy kitchen for other.
We have listening some other sounds on “freesound”, now we can use the website easily !


Unfortunately, when we wanted to take our editing audio… files were no longer on computers ! Because of this bug, we repeated all our poscards! We were really disappointed!



To you now discover our daily sonic environment … somewhat reinterpreted!
We tried to reproduce a day of bad weather with thunder. For example, the wind noise was made ​​from a dictionary, turning the pages very quickly.


We were inspired by the sound of a bell. It made ​​us think firemen, so we completed the editing audio on this topic.


When you hear this sound, we hope to give you the impression that you are in a factory. Noises are mechanical and repetitive, like an assembly line.


We imagined being in a playground. But the atmosphere of the school yard will be a little crazy. Sounds in the school grounds were recorded during a battle of snowballs.


We chose to create a soundscape around the theme of war too! In fact, we talked about war in Mali this morning in class, and we were several groups to be inspired by this theme to create our soundscapes.
On this sonicposcard, we can listen aircraft noise hunting, crackling, or attack helicopters…


The sonicsnaps (sounds centrifuge, oven …) inspired us to create a soundscape around the war. The sounds are violent and we can imagine that we are attacked by enemies!
Can you guess what country we could be?


According to you, where are we?
We are on a ship at sea, and we come near a deserted island, but we still do not know what we’ll find!


All of sounds together give some repetitive bull sounds. So we decided to give to these composition «waste deposal» as key word. Sounds seem to show objects which are about to be crushed by a big machine.


We wanted to create a ambience like a halloween night in which sounds remain chain saw for exemple. We hear somebody running out until a ghost train to keep this person to go somewhere safe but he is in a haunted house and at the end, a big noise of a chain saw stops this track.


Sounds of our track remain us ski. We listen to lashing sounds like when we turn quickly in a big descent in order to slow down. We also hear some people who cry are speak with a lot of wind like at the mountain where everybody ski.


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