The City Rings


Postcards from Paris

Hello All,
Today we finished our postcards and I think everyone is generally pretty happy with the result.
We started off our session by listening to the postcards from Ghent, and thinking about the description of it being ‘calm and quiet’. This was not our general impression, quite the opposite, so we deduced that you had made microscopic recordings, or ‘close-ups’ of many different objects from you daily environment and assembled them in a ‘non naturalsitic’, or unliteral way. Some postcards ended in crescendos, some became quieter. This provoked a conversation on the many ways of composing with the recordings, should the recordings always reflect reality, and be a sort of storyboard of events ? There are so many different possibilities, or stories to tell with the same sounds, even with a given theme or keyword.
We decided to make a few more recordings in the kitchen, using the old fashioned telephone, the speaking weighing machine, and the squeaking window, whilst reflecting on the matter. It reminded me of this film :

This was good to watch, everyone laughed, and it was a counter example, another approach to composing with everyday sounds.

With all these thoughts the time flew by … here are our postcards. I hope you manage to hear them, and thank you so much to everyone for sharing. Bonne ├ęcoute !

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