The City Rings


Centro Escolar Vale de Lamaçães – Portugal

Our school is the Centro Escolar Vale de Lamaçães, a new school that opened in 2009 with ten class rooms, a garden, a covered patio, a theatre, multipurpose rooms and spaces for special activities. Our school has 232 pupils from 3 years old till 10 years old. The neighborhood of the school is the Lamaçaes parish, located at the border or the city of Braga in Portugal. The parish has a population of 2.525 inhabitants. It is a neighborhood with an old center looking over the hills and woods of the green Braga valley,   but also has a modern area with many shopping centers, new apartment blocks, playgrounds, public sport fields and squares with bars and restaurants.

And here is a photograph of our school bell.

And this is how it sounds. Enjoy!

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