The City Rings


First sounds of Lamaçaes – Portugal

First sounds from Portugal.

Amelie with forks

For the first session in Portugal the pupils waited captivated on how the school bells of Barcelona and Ghent would sound. All children wanted a  school bell as in Barcelona! Several children visited already the Spanish city and there was even a girl that visited Ghent. Ingredients of the sound cooking today were talks about sounds of the sea, the woods and mountains and how various places in Europe and as well in Brasil sound.

After a vivid talk we came finally to the objects and their stories. First the children wrote down the sounds of their objects.

amelie fork

Explanation about recorders and listening to their objects via headphones was the following step. The children experiences how you can use the recorder as an “earoscope”.

Then the recording sessions followed in a complete silence.

Geert recording

Time flew so fast that no time was left for creating an own soundscape.
But tomorrow there is another session.


Enjoy listening!



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