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Soundscape adventures from De Piramide Ghent


Hello everyone!

Today we started the second session with exploring the website and also the mySounds from the other countries. We discovered that it was more difficult to guess what the exact source of the sound could be, but at the same time that made it easier to get our fantasies and storytelling going. It was also nice to see the image of the soundwaves visualized on the big digital screen in our classroom. The rhythm and structure of some of the sounds reminded us of breathing or a heartbeat!


While listening to the mySounds of the other kids we noticed that at some point there was a kind of similarity with our own recordings. Like the rattling of wooden pencils, the cracking of a plastic water bottle or the polishing sound of pieces of paper being rubbed against each other. We also discovered a difference in volume between the recordings of the other schools. Barcelona was sometimes really expressive and loud, while LamaƧaes seemed more patient and intimate in their expression.


This we actually used as an inspiration for our soundscapes. While working with the mySounds from Barcelona we discovered a lot of rythm and symmetric structures. This reminded us of a DJ scratching his records. But after we listened more closely it could also be a drowsy snarling dog as well.

One of the mySounds of LamaƧaes immediately triggered a story in our head. The recording starts with 4 short bangs and then it continues in a more improvised crispy and rustling sound. It made us think of someone shooting a gun, then trying to reload it, but he get’s scared and his hands are shaking, then he is trying to escape and… Well, the rest you can hear yourself. Enjoy listening!

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  1. Jaume Says:

    Some comments from Barcelona students about the soundscapes:

    “We listened to your sounds and liked them very much!”
    “It sounds musical”
    “It is like a horror movie!”
    “A boy escapes and there is a witch pursuing him. We hear the footsteps and some stones falling”
    “Sounds like Scooby-doo toons :)”
    “It may be a danger is coming”

    Thank you very much for your work!

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