The City Rings


Glasses for the ears… Listening with all our body around Lamaçaes.


Can you put glasses on your ears? Not like you do normally, but like trying to look with your ears? Are there things that don´t sound? Colors, air, light? Is there something you can´t describe with sound? Sound is in everything. Can you hear on the same manner as you are looking? From beneath, from above, from far, from close? Can you even go further an can you hear smells, flavors, touches? Maybe to feel, to smell, to taste can bring you close enough to things so you can hear them?


This is what we experimented a whole session around the school.
Making recordings means to walk slow, to be silent, to be patient and to use all your senses. It is trying to hear with your whole body, not only your ears.
We tried all to make a recording of three minutes. That only three minutes can last so long, nobody expected. This is called to perceive.


Five groups went on an exploration with a recorder as glasses, each following their own path and trying to see things they never saw before.


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