The City Rings

Day: November 17th, 2013

Regenboog is Ringing!


Hello everyone!
We are the kids from the 5th grade from a school called ‘De Regenboog’ in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, a town in the Western part of Brussels, Belgium. The neighbourhood where our school is located is a very lively and multicultural place, with lots of traffic, shops and a bit of industry. It really breaths the atmosphere of a big city suburb with also a lot of different languages vibrating through the streets. Most people speak French in this part of the country, but in our school the main language is Dutch. We don’t have an electrical school bell but a nice old fashioned one that you have to ring by hand. Actually we have two, the other one is used when we stay indoors and it rings with a fine bright ting!

schoolbel regenboog

klasbel regenboog


Our school in Gualtar, Portugal


Our school in Gualtar is the Escola Basico EB2,3. Our class has 20 pupils of 8 -9 years old.
Gualtar is a small town at the edge of high hills, the Minho area in North Portugal, close to Spain. Gualtar is a small town with 3.700 residents.


From our school windows we have a wonderful view on the town and the hills.

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 17 19.21

Have a look to our shiny school bell! How would it sound?

School Bell Gualtar

This is how our school bell is waking us up in the morning!


Ecole Olivier Métra.









This is Maddalen’s class ( CE2) at the Ecole Olivier Métra in the 19th arondissement in Paris. There are 300 pupils in the whole school which goes from CP (6-7year olds) to CM2 (11 year olds).
The school is near one of Paris’ most popular parks, the Butte de Chaumont, so it is a  ‘greener’ area of the city than some.
The class have been preparing for this project with their teacher, Maddalen who you can just about see on the left hand side of this photo.
Here is a recording of the playground, just before lunchtime, and the school bell :



Olivier Métra was a French composer and conductor, famous for his walses and polkas. What might he have thought of the City Rings?


Art room sounds BMS

Hello old and new TCR, students, parents and friends – for our first session 5b and I were in the Art room where I introduced the students to the TCR project and we looked at how the sound recorder worked. I showed the students the foley artist clip on youtube that was shown to me by another TCR participant last year, which is great to give students an idea of how sounds can create illusions and imitate actions and other sounds with sound. Students then found objects in the Art room to make sounds with to record them with the recorder and also listen to the sounds through the head phones while they are recording to able to hear the qualities and details of the sounds as if the sounds are magnified through the high quality recorders.

Here are the short sound samples of recorded objects from the Art room:

We also made one long continuous recording while everyone was playing their object that they found. Students made quiet sounds while the sound recorder moved from student to student sitting at their tables making sounds with their object.