The City Rings

Day: November 18th, 2013

My Sounds from Rennes !

Hello everybody from Rennes where Winter has arrived !


We are happy to start this first session of TCR with all these countries together and we are looking forward to share our sounds with our German penfriends.


We have started our session by playing a game called “Sound Kim” (“Kim sonore” in french) while waiting for internet to come back . The game has picture cards of objects (eg door, book, underground …) and an mp3 player with the sounds that correspond to each object. The purpose of the game is find the sound of each illustration.
This game has helped us to focus on the listening and given us ideas to produce sounds using everyday objects.






Then, we have listened to all the bells and thought about the descriptions of the schools,especially the Berlin Metropolitan school. The class was really looking forward to hear the sounds from Berlin and we were surprised to discover their ringtone!

After that, we have chosen an object in the classroom and in our schoolbag. Each pupil recorded the sound trying to avoid to get only drumming sounds.


On this pictures, you can see us during a recording session. We had : diapason, little car, pearls, scissors, rule, balloon, measuring tape…





It was nice to listen afteward the recorded sounds as they ‘look’ really different. We have understood the differences between the sound produce in front of us and sound recorded.




At the end of the session, participants showed us how to use Audacity to make an audio editing (cut, copy, paste audio tracks), and we experiemented stereo sound.

Wednesday, we’ll begin to construct a soundscape with the “mysounds” of German students from Berlin. Looking forward to it !




Now, you can listen the result of the day, enjoy !

Try to find the sources of the sounds and rendez-vous on Freesounds to listen our other “mysounds” !



How does Paris sound? First session in Gualtar, Portugal.

In our first session, this afternoon, we talked about traveling.
Every country has its own smells and colors, but also its own sounds.


We tried to imagine what are the typical smells, colors and sounds of Paris by becoming walkers with our imagination and by looking with our ears.


In Paris we found the smell of crepes, caramel and perfume, and the colors of yellow-gold-brown of autumn, but also grey clouds. How does Paris sound for us? As carousels, rain, birds around the Seine and the Eifel Tower, and a lot of people and cars.


The smells of Gualtar are on this moment roasted chestnuts. They are roasted by sellers on the corner of the streets in november, the color of Gualtar is the deep green of the hills around. Even in winter the trees have leaves and flowers keep growing. The most typical sound of Gualtar? A lot of bells. On top of the hill in front of Gualtar you find 2 of the biggest churches of Portugal, Bom Jesus and Sameiro, in and around the hills are dozens of others small churches.


After this imaginary trip we went to listen to the first real sound of Paris. The school bell of the Olivier Metra school, that didn´t seem te be so different of ours.
Next step was to explore how sound recording work and all pupils presented objects they brought from their homes.


We listened to the sounds that these personal objects can make and experimented with the different sounds of them. Time passed very fast, so there was no choice then to continue in another session.


Here you find some photographs of our afternoon.









And here you have a taste of our sounds (more then 20 others on Freesound):



A grey and misty Monday morning

Hello to all from us in Paris !


We didn’t waste anytime this morning. At 8h30 we were already in class and the pupils from Olivier Métra school presented and explained their choice for the objects brought from home. Here are a few photos :


We will let you discover which images goes with which sound.



We didn’t have very much time as there is an early morning break, so each pupil experimented with their object and tried to make as many different sounds as possible. Before recording we discussed the difference between how a microphone ‘hears’ and how humans hear. This was also done as a reminder  not to make extraneous noises during the recording session. The objects were then recorded  individually before we attempted short improvisations in small groups. Again, due to the time factor, we didn’t manage to make a class composition, or look at audacity, so we concentrated on making sounds instead. The three words which came out of impro sessions, were joyful, sad and funny.








Many felt that the quieter, softer impro session gave them a sense of sadness, whereas the louder and more boisterous one made everyone laugh.


Two people brought small music boxes to the session, so we tried to focus not on the music itself, but on the different surfaces that resonated when the box was played on it.


The class is really looking forward to hearing the sounds from Portugal.


We did have time to quickly look at the photos of your school, for which many thanks !


Here below are some of our recordings and impro sessions ( which are longer). The rest can be downloaded online.   Apologies for the hum of the videoprojector, we will be more attentive tomorrow !