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Exploring the colour of sound in Switzerland

Session one, together with our Music teacher Miss Lynne.  We enjoyed listening to our partner school’s bell, ‘De Regenboog’ in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium. We explored the colour that the sound could be, closing our eyes and listening. We wrote down what we thought without showing anyone else and amazingly came up with very similar colours.

Here’s what we thought; grey, grey, grey-green (lichen green) yellow, yellowy orange, dirty yellow, grey.

We were challenged by emotions that can be evoked by sound, with Lara noting how the sound of any school bell makes her feel anxious.

I wonder what colour you think our school bell is?

We discovered and inquired into the sonic qualities of our sound objects, recording firstly a group composition, conducted by one student and secondly capturing each sound object individually, directly into GarageBand (we are experimenting recording directly into GarageBand on iPad which may prove tricky working with Freesound. We have a couple of field recorders too. Miss Lynne then gave us a masterclass in composition, discussing layers of sound and how to edit between thin and thick layers of a ‘cake’. Using these ideas were produced a collaborative composition.


There are only six of us in class because we have just opened so we’ll add some more mySounds on Wednesday.
Here are our first recordings.

2 Responses to “Exploring the colour of sound in Switzerland”

  1. Mrs. Peverelli Says:

    Well done Etoy, lovely sound art work:)

  2. Inge Says:

    Hi there Etoy and many thanks for the great recordings! Your mySounds really triggered our imagination. Here are some sonic thoughts from Brussels:

    School bell colors and imaginations:

    Orange-yellow because it reminds me of toys from little children.
    Grey-black because it is short and clear like the sound of a ringtone
    Pink because it is a friendly sound that reminds me of friendship
    Green from the light button next to the bed in a hospitalroom. When you want to call the nurse you have to press it.
    Grey because it is a colour from the past and the sound of the bell reminds me of the one our school used to have before it was broken
    It sound like a good idea popping up in your head!
    The sound when you take a number in the waiting room at the docter and then it’s your turn.

    Mysound thoughts and stories:

    Glass water: That sound reminds me of a mermaid sitting on a rock in the sea singing to the pirates. Actually it is her last song because the pirates are coming to catch her. She is afraid so that is why the song sounds a bit sad.
    Glass water: A train that is stuck on the trail near the station.
    Glass water: An operasinger who is is practising a song. She is a very big woman but she cannot sing the song very well yet.
    Glass water: The alarm of an appartment that is on fire. A woman was baking pancakes and then she went into the bathroom to take a shower but she forgot that her pancakes where still on the fire.
    Glass water: The sound that is heard at a funeral. It is like a sad melody.

    Pair of pliers: The ticking of a small hammer on a nail in a piece of wood. Somebody is fixing a house or maybe a small wooden dog house.
    Pair of pliers: The director of a drummer band ticking the rhythm before playing
    Pair of Pliers: The sound of a tapdancer with metal parts onderneath his shoes dancing on a stage.

    Favourite book: A man dragging a heavy box over the street.
    Favourite book: An old big man walking slowly over very thick snow.

    We had great fun!
    Many sonic thanks to all of you; )

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