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Krrrrt Ssssizz Phlloph… Mysounds from Brussels!


Hello City Ringers,

After searching our homes, drawers, kitchens, closets and classrooms we where very curious to hear which sounds could be discovered from our sound objects. We first started to explore our object for sonic possibilities, for example what is the loudest sound you can make with your sound object and what is the most quietest, or can you make a sweet sound with it, or maybe a sad, angry or funny sound. Then we chose our favorite sound and started recording. While everyone was very silent we listened to each others recording sessions. Some kids even didn’t dare to breath anymore which caused an outbreak of laughing at the end of course!


last sound

After we made the recordings we listened them back one by one and talked about the differences. What happens with the sounds when you listen carefully and forget about the sound source? They sound louder, more closer, you can hear more details and they start to trigger the imagination… So we started to make up some stories. The ticking sound of a ballpoint pen became an old typewriter with a woman typing on it with very long nails, the sparkling sound of dripping water from a plastic bottle became a large fountain and the shaking sound of fine sand in a crystal sand timer reminded of snow falling on Christmas eve. Down here you can listen to a selection of the 26 mySounds that we recorded. Enjoy!

kring luisteren


Chaimae El Y








One Response to “Krrrrt Ssssizz Phlloph… Mysounds from Brussels!”

  1. Mark Shillitoe Says:

    Here are our comments collected from your mySounds after we both listened and composed- we made no reference to the sound sources intentionally, so we wouldn’t be bound to assumptions. A selection of thoughts and imagery, which do you think relates to your sound?
    Rachel: It’s a cold calm sound, racing though a blue rapid, inside a sunny forest it falls slowly down a rock, then into a large river.
    Eloise: A man walked into shop and bought a saw and an axe. He paid the shopkeeper with money and walked into the forest to try them out. First of all he tried out the saw. He did it very softly and it made a scraping sound. He tried harder and it made a loud sawing sound. Then he started chopping a tree with his awe. He chopped the whole tree down!! He was very happy and he went home.
    David: The sound is very peaceful and soft. It sounds like rain in the rainforest or a really old train trying to go fast. This sound calms you down because you imagine yourself in the rainforest. It is not a happy sound nor a sad sound, it is just relaxing. I think the person who recorded this sound used maracas to make it or a plastic bag.
    Lara: I think it has a slow, peaceful ring and a slight ripple
    Chiara: The forest. It is a sound I enjoy because it reminds me of bunnies jumping in the snowy forest. Each time it rings the bell is each time a bunny hops. It’s a loud sound but a calm sound, the colour white.
    Jules: one sound makes me fell like if I were in a busy workshop cutting planks
    Another is like a filed filled up with crickets.
    The next , like a tropical island in the middle of the ocean.
    The last one like a rattle snake in the Sahara desert

    I am amazed with the range of images that we would never have had without these sounds:)

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