The City Rings

Day: November 20th, 2013

5B inside headphones..

Hello again from Berlin! In today’s session we started by listening to the sounds from Rennes while students discussed a little what they thought they heard. Then the 18 Students present took headphones pairing up or working solo with either MacBooks with sound editing software while other students taught each other sound Apps on I-pads that can capture and modify sounds to be played back. It was great to see how students were engaged in working with sound being it through the TCR method or students sharing ideas and ways of playing with sound through their devices!!
After the session l still haven’t heard everything that was going on inside the headphones but here is a mix by Julian –

We also looked at Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers which is always great!
Tomorrow we will go on the streets for sound snaps!! and l promise photos!


Brittany mixing Germany

Today, we started the second session with exploring the website and listening the Mysounds from Germany (BMS). We are looking forward to see your pictures to the next session !


We tried to guess what object was used to produce each sound, and we associated a gesture to each sound (to tear, crease, tap, shake…). We tried to imagine what recordings could be sound effects movie (eg. crumpled and torn paper to represent the fire burning, shake pencils in glass jar made us think of a musical instrument, maracas). We imagined the ways of producing and material.




We noticed that we sometimes used the same objects (scissors, pencils, table and chair) and there was similarities. We found differences between the sounds produced with the same object. Every action on the object produces a different sound and so relates a different story (eg paper ripped, wrinkled, rubbed).


We discovered the Freesound website and we could see that all our Mysounds are online. We can listen our Mysounds at home and it’s the chance to introduce The City Rings to our family and friends!




Finally, We did a selection of four sounds and we started an audio editing with BMS sounds. We have worked with pairs (2) on laptops to create our first soundscape with the software Audacity.





We learned how to use this software, how to import, edit and level the sound.
We gave a title to our sound composition, this is the result of soundscapes from BMS “My sounds” :




Mayola and Galeno created their soundscape entitled “Flac Flic DJ”

“Untitled”, Kylian and Oscar

This soundscape was created by Lindsay and Alicia, its title is “School crazy”.

Yuna and Imane, “The Factory”.

Elodie and Iris, “Sounds fake”.

Sarah and Arielle, “The party”.

Timothé and Marcel, “Crazy laptops”.

Nelo and Eliott, “Funny sounds”.



“Kenavo” ! (Breton language for “Bye” or “au revoir” in french)


Weaving a story in our minds

We can see the hills and mountains again and there’s snow! We began the session today by watching a short piece about a Foley Artist, Ellen Heuer: This was the starting point for a discussion about how we naturally create images when listening to sounds or even make assumptions. We wanted to listen to the sounds of De Regenboog school without knowing what the source was, and use this as the beginning of forming a story or pictures in our imagination.

We enjoyed reading all about how our partner school, listened to the sonic qualities of their mySounds which gave us lots of ideas. This is the beauty of collaboration where ideas can grow and develop.
Headphones on, we listened carefully to each of the mySounds choosing the ones which evoked strong images and feelings- look for our comments.
These selections were dragged into GarageBand and compositions created. As we were listening to these we shared; how they made us feel, any stories which flowed into our minds or childhood memories (for the adults) that were triggered.
Enjoy our compositions below.