The City Rings


Mysounds.. your sounds .. OUR sounds

Another fun, but hectic day at the Ecole Olivier Métra. We overlapped with our partner school in Portugal so downloaded Rennes sounds instead which were great too. Before listening back we evoked what living in a small town in the Portuguese countryside might be like. They laughed when I told them that the children from Gualtar imagined Paris smelling of crêpes…and replied that it must be nice to be able to smell flowers and chestnuts instead of pollution. The tuning fork recorded by Rennes led the class to think about different sounds of church bells and how far you can hear them. Not something you hear in every arondissement in Paris.
We also discussed whether recordings made with everyday objects can be ‘composed’ or made into music. Like Berlin we watched the film, Music for One Appartment and Six Drummers which answered the question to some extent.
Globally the Rennes sounds were pretty similar to what we had managed to record, and as there was some frustration that we hadn’t had enough time to listen to the other group’s sounds ( the class has 26pupils and I am all alone, so I have been taking half the class at a time) we decided to remix our sounds with Rennes. You can hear the result here :

Using Audacity we also discussed the volume of the mix, and what sounds work together and why, and what doesn’t work, ie piling all the sounds, one on top of another to see what happens. Also this particular mix is too loud at the beginning.
Tomorrow we will be recording the inner workings of the school and will post the results of our findings.

Part II.
First some photos of us discovering the sonic properties of the school :






The class was divided in two, half with me, and half with their teacher Maddalen. We scoured the school and came up with some great sounds, and probably disturbed the rest of the school in the process… but there you go.
The pupils will have spent the weekend scouting for sounds in the area which we will attempt to capture tomorrow morning. In the meantime, a taste of what we found at the school. The rest can of course be found online.

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