The City Rings


a door slamming, a shot, handcuffs, a jail…Shallow grave in Rennes !

That’s it, we got to final post of this edition of The City Rings.
It was two weeks fulled of surprises by discovering sounds from the others European schools, and more precisely, the sounds of Berlin Metropolitan School.


Last Monday, we first went through the blog TCR and we listened to the soundscapes from different countries. Then we started our postcards from sounds recorded at school.




This morning, we were all a little bit sad because it was the last day of the exchange. Be carefull the murderers of our stories are still running!
Wednesday, we began the session by watching contemporary music scores which look like abstract paintings very colorfull.We imagined sounds that can be produced by this picture.





We also watched some movies extracts: « A phantasy in color » by Norman Mclaren (1949) and “Yantra» by James Withney (1957).

These artists associate images and sounds by painting directly on the film.



Finally we finished our sound editing and we listened Postcards from Berlin posted on the blog.
Friday will be a listening session of our postcards and yours too. We hope you’ll like our sound productions and they will send you into anguish.
Thank you for this experience and thank you all!

Happy listening!


“The Thunder”, Eliott, Okan, Galeno


“Murders in the toilets”, Mathieu, Kylian, Louen


“Going to school”, Arielle, sara, Marcel


“Civil war”, Lucien, Timothé, Oscar


“Sad music”, Alicia, Inès, Marion


“Condemned to die”, Elodie, Iris, Lindsay


“Reconstruction : the post-disaster”, Yuna and Imane


“Waleyt Swagg” Gorderzi, Michée and Mayola


“Boum the little boy” Hoël, Nelo and Ewan

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