The City Rings

Day: November 30th, 2013



For this session we started by watching Wochende by Walter Ruttman, thanks Rennes for the tip! It seemed important to have a listen since it was possibly recorded in Berlin and also very good for hearing nice edited cuts between field recording sounds. We also worked more on finding more sounds with various textures around the school – students took it in turns of going around the school to record in a small groups of pairs guided by Vincent.
Here are some of the recordings from the session.
(Students made a series of small recordings from around the school in one track):

Recorded by Luisa and Joanna.

Recorded by Luay and Richard.

Recorded by Tara and Biayni.

Recorded by Ruby and Chloe.

Recorded by Alma and Sophia.
While the other students and l stayed in the class room listened to more sounds off the city rings site and played the youtube of  Ligeti’s Artikulationleg graphic scorefor an example of a graphic score and electronic textures (It has been great to see people doing the graphic scores this time in the city rings and extending the TCR methodology.) while students played the surrealist game Exquisite Corpus creating there own interpretations though drawing what they were hearing.

20131129_16444920131129_164512 20131129_164455 20131129_164531

20131129_164624 20131129_164617 20131129_164607 20131129_164544

We have had some IT glitches so our final postcard are still a work in progress, since l am their Art teacher we have the fortunate opportunity to keep exploring the sound medium and are also working on making an installation to show the rest of the school community next year.


Adeus and postcards from Portugal…

The last session was about listening. Listening to the sounds of Paris and letting work our imagination.
We wrote a short story about the sounds we heard and then we picked out some sounds that were the most intriguing for us.
We experimented with cutting the sounds in small parts and listening again.
The result was like in a laboratory, looking to sounds under a microscope and adding drops of other sounds in a search for the right chemical reaction.
To experiment was more important then the result, everything was allowed excpet the expected, how crazier how better!
Thank you Paris for the wonderful inspiration!

Goodbye or Adeus in Portuguese!