The City Rings

Month: February, 2014

Sound Art Installation features at Gems World Academy-Etoy, Switzerland

An exploration of sound from field recordings to collaborative compositions, the City Rings project led to students designing a sound art installation. A symphony of sound- developed as an interactive performance where participants were encouraged to explore the sonic qualities of sound objects introduced into the performance.
Here’s a recording of the performance:

In a darkened room, beginning in silence the performance began with the roll of a single marble. Marbles continued to roll and connect as the space was gradually filled with remixed compositions, played through iPads located against walls throughout the space.
The zen like quality of sounds created an ambience of peace signifying the need for space and balance in our increasingly digital world whilst at the same time being dependent on it.

Capture a feel of the installation in this montage of the the recent arts festival:


Doctor Puigvert’s Sonic Postcards

TCR3 (4)



And after quite some work we finished the postcards :)


For the compositions we used keywords as habitable, unforgettable, fire, intense, extroverted, or fantastic.


We worked in groups of two, and some took a naturalistic approach while others had quite a fun time with the effects menu. I am sure you will recognize each of them when you listen to the postcards.
TCR3 (10)
TCR3 (12)
We had some problems with different versions of Audacity installed in the computers at the school; plus some really problematic pc’s who gave us battle. But we succeeded.
TCR3 (1)
Please take a listen and comment!

Visit the freesound pack for the rest of them.


Thank you very much for your work.


Sonicpostcards from Saint-Guinoux

Hello everyone,


For a week end, we took our recorders with us and started exploring our homes, we recorded in kitchens, bedrooms and gardens… We played with sticks, stones, doors, gates, and tapestry, we rumbled with metal, wood, paper, and plastic stuff, we secretly spied on our sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers conversations, we tried to catch the sound of wind, water…


Our last editing session this week went very well. We managed to finish our sonic postcards.
It was really cool to work with the editing program to experience how sounds can be shaped, cut and combined with each other.


We hope you’ll like our sound productions !
Thank you for this experience and thank you all!


Enjoy listening!



For this edition of The City Rings we did not have time to test the recorders in the school or in a nearby market, park, or otherwise, as was often the case.


So after a brief introduction to how the recorders work -which the students already knew from previous exercises- they took the machines home to record there their Sonic Snaps. And we have quite a few! Take a listen.



We have already started working in The Postcards, this time by groups of 2 people; and using two keywords per group that refer to the experience of their daily environments, and that are the point of departure for the compositions. For example “habitable / inolvidable” or “extrovertit / fantàstic”.

TCR3 (2)
TCR3 (8)TCR3 (16)


You can listen to the rest of the snaps at Freesound:


We will be soon back with the postcards, looking forward to hearing yours!


Soundscaping your sounds

We started the second session of our participation in The City Rings by looking at Saint Guinoux’s school post in the blog.


In the pictures, our class seemed to see many toys among the objects the pupils brought, were they right? We listened to the mysounds and talked about them for quite a while. We talked about their possible origin and properties, and attempted to describe them. Many of the sounds seemed to us percussive, startling, quiet… we imagined movies in which the sounds could be used. Most of the scenes that came to our mind were the “tense” type… just before something happens! We also heard horses and snakes, and imagined a western movie.


After commenting on the sounds we used a projector and speakers to do a group composition with Audacity. We went over the different tools available to us on Audacity. Select, move, envelopes, cut and pasting, track level, panning, etc. And used several of Saint Guinoux’s sounds to do a small composition based on our reflections on the sounds we commented before.
Please take a listen and tell us what you think.


After finishing the composition we spent some time to understand how the recorders work. Setting the recorded in pre-record mode, adjusting input level and mic gain, how to place the recorder in relation to the sound we want to capture, recording, stopping, listening, etc.
Everybody took the recorders home and we will be able to upload the sounds on tuesday. We will also listen to your soundscapes and “snaps” that day. Looking forward to it!
Oh! We are sorry about the lack of pictures of today’s post! Hopefully we will be able to add them very soon.
Thank you for your work!


Researchers sounds…Sonicsnaps

Today, we worked in groups and we imagined a story to help us to record sounds. We wrote our ideas on paper (places, objects …). you discovered our histories in future sessions when we started audio editing!




for now, you can listen ours records made in the playground, cafeteria, in the classroom and even in the nursery ! We are in a little school so we have classrooms reserved for children 3 to 5 years.
We also used amplifiers sounds, some of us hold like a gun, even the teacher !





We finished the session to watching « Music for Appartment », we discovered that everyday objects can become wonderful musical instruments !


Other sounds are available on Freesound !
See you soon !


Breton remix

Today, we started the second session with exploring the website and listening the Mysounds from Barcelona.
We tried to guess what object was used to produce each sound, and we associated a gesture to each sound (to tear, crease, tap, shake…). We imagined the ways of producing and material.




After listening to the mySounds from our sonic companions in Barcelona, our imagination got really started. We decided to remix their sounds. We learned how to use this software, how to import, edit, level the sound and we discovered the stereo. We picked up our headphones and opened our laptops to start composing. By trying and improvising we found out how sounds can be shaped, copied, cut and combined.




Finally, We did a selection of four sounds and we started an audio editing with Barcelona sounds. We have worked with pairs (2) on laptops to create our first soundscape with the software Audacity.




We gave a title to our sound composition, here are our soundscapes. Enjoy listening!


Lou and Lylou – “Clac Flash City”

Lauranne and Fantine – “Le gratte-gratte city”

Karine and Elouan – “Scissors”

Laura and Louna – “Track rock”

Youna and Tessa – “Castanets of Barcelona”

Gabin and Enzo – “Guitar and sand Barcelona”

Louise and Alexis – “Drum war”

Maxence and Miguel – “MaxGuel”

Jeanne and Nolween – “Clac Boom”

Louise and Nolween – “The best rings”

Stella and Leandre – “Flash tamer”

Alban and Orlane – “Fireworks”


Here is our installation in the classroom! We had some small problems of logistics and battery for the computer. We work with several networked laptops.


and Mysounds from Barcelona !

TCR (1)


And here we are with a lot of beloved objects that represent us.


We started the class by checking the blog, where we learned about your school, and also that you were younger ! and cute :P


We wondered about the kind of sounds that you can hear where you live and around the school. We talked about vehicles, animals and the weather; and tried to imagine the differences between Barcelona and Saint-Guinoux


We’ll discover soon, with your sonic postcards!


TCR (30)

After demonstrating collectively how do you attempt to find sounds in an object, by looking for its materials and different ways of “activating” them; everybody started to work on his own .
We explored for quite a while, and wrote down about 5 different sounds per object. Selecting, in the end, about 1 or 2 per person, to be recorded.
As you can see the objects were quite diverse (even a BMX bike!) and so were the manners in which we activated them.
TCR (18)


Listening, and in particular listening through the recorder, was a way to understand better the possibilities of each object. Is it plastic or furry? is it ressonant inside as an instrument? can it turn or twist?


TCR (2)



We look forward to read and listen to the sounds you recorded, and to what you do with our sounds. And we are also very excited about listening to your sounds and composing something out of them. How will it sound?
It will happen soon!
Thank you for the work!
TCR (7)


My Sounds from Saint-Guinoux!

Hello from Saint-Guinoux where it rains for a few days !
We are happy to start this first session of TCR with you and looking forward to share our sounds with our Spanish penfriends.


Monday, we have started our session by looking at the blog TCR on internet and we discovered that you were much older than us ! We have between 8 and 9 years. Your school seems much larger than ours but there are many more students ! We don’t have wide corridors in our school !

Here our classroom :
_DSC9461 copie


We have playing a game called “Sound Kim” (“Kim sonore” in french) The game has picture cards of objects (eg door, book, underground …) and an mp3 player with the sounds that correspond to each object. The purpose of the game is find the sound of each illustration.
This game has helped us to focus on the listening and given us ideas to produce sounds using everyday objects.



After that, we recorded sounds from our own objects from home, our classroom or own schoolbag. Each pupil recorded the sound trying to avoid to get only drumming sounds.
On this pictures, you can see us during a recording session. We had : glue tube, moneybox, bell, green box, Egyptian pencils box, hot-water bag…… An object was made from a plastic bottle plastic containing coarse salt instead of using a musical instrument !



It was nice to listen afteward the recorded sounds as they ‘look’ really different. We have understood the differences between the sound produce in front of us and sound recorded.
Tuesday, we’ll begin to construct a soundscape with the “mysounds” of Spanish students. Looking forward to it !

Here are the sounds that we recorded Monday, try to find the sources of the sounds and you will find the other sounds on Freesound.




Welcome in Saint-Guinoux

Our city is called Saint Guinoux. It is in Brittany in France, our department is IlleetVilaine. The nearest big city is Saint Malo and our zip code is 35430. Saint Guinoux’s population is 914 persons.


Our school is in a small town called Saint Guinoux, in the countryside. We have six class-rooms from the “Toute petite section” to the CM2 (pupils are from two to eleven years old). There are eight very nice teachers.

We are going to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all day long from 8:45 AM to 3:30 PM. And on Wednesday from 9 to 12 AM. Saturday and Sunday are days off!


Every Thursday, we used to have cake sales to pay our project, called Greedy Thursday!

our playground


our school

We are 26 pupils : 13 CE2 and 13 CM1. We are in between 8 and 9 years old. Our teacher calls Nathalie Le Dévéhat and she is really nice. With her, we study English and we have got a Teddy called Sheepy. It is a black and white sheep.


Our Teddy Sheepy

In our class-room, we have several special spaces: one for mathematics, for French and one for history… We also have the sweet-words-space, where we can draw or write nice words for anyone we want.

Our Team 2

Our class is cool!

A word about our bell, it’s an automatic but it’s broken, then our teacher announce the breaks by clapping hands.